This is on everyone's bucket list! It's on mine too, but there is a big disconnect on abs. 

First of all everyone has abs. Yes we all do. We usually abdominals are only revealed by someone having a low body fat percentage. This means losing that layer of fat around the midsection. My clients have very funny names for that "blub" that they oh so hate. It's uncomfortable, ruins your wardrobe, stands out when your photo is taken, it jiggles all the time ... whatever it makes you feel, I understand. 

Second point, the gym doesn't give you abs. You can do all the ab workout exercises till kingdom come, but here is the truth ... "Abs are made in the kitchen". You are what you eat is a favorite quote of mine. What you eat and drink on a daily basis will create the stomach you want. It took time to put that belly on, it is going to take time to work it off. Don't get me wrong, ab exercises are very important, but what you are actually doing is creating a beautiful midsection that is worthy of your shirt to be removed when at the beach or poolside. So pretty much you have to eat your way to abs! 

Simple rules: small, lean, clean, and often! Eat small portions, lean protein with every meal, clean from anything artificial or words you can't pronounce, and often enough where you never have that starving feeling (every 2-3hrs). 

Hope this shined a light on the issue. Keep your questions and comments coming.