Reasons for weight gain??? Many many reasons but here are just a few...

1.  Stress:  A lot of chaos occurs this time of year with family, gifts, overtime, kids time off, decorating, wrapping, shopping, icy roads, etc.

2. Less Active:  Because of the cold and snow and etc we are prone to staying indoors more, which leads to boredom.  Boredom drives us to the refrigerator to eat more than we are suppose too and most of the time eating while in front of the TV for hours.

3.  Junk at Work:  People feel that since its the holidays, they should be kind and spread Christmas cheer by bring everyone cookies and donuts, or take out from the local deli.  They may mean well, but they are ignorant to the fact that junk at the office leads to decrease work capacity and efficiency because of sugar highs and crashes, upset/clogged digestive system, etc.  

Those are a couple and the most common I have found with clients.  What do you have to add and what do you find that works to not be a victim of holiday weight gain???


Better question..what are your plans for 2015?!