This is a very important question that all clients need to ask themselves whether they have one now or are future potentials.  Let me get this off my chest ... NOT ALL TRAINERS ARE LIKE BOB AND JILLIAN ON "BIGGEST LOSER"!  ... did you hear me everyone?!

So many times I am approached by potentials expressing their fear of PT because of what they know from the show.  So many current clients express the same idea to me on what their family and friends think.  Let me get to the article I read today ... 

'5 Things to Look for in a Personal Trainer' was posted by CNN July 2013.  Here is the list...

1.  patience:  is your trainer understanding and sympathetic to meet you emotionally?

2.  communication:  does your trainer speak your language and listen to you?

3.  professionalism:  is there a separation or do they try to be your drinking buddy?

4.  education:  does it sound like or do they know what they are talking about?

5.  personality:  would you be embarrassed to have your trainer meet your family/spouse?

I must say that these five criteria really are valuable tools for when to shop for your perfect trainer.  Personal training is a luxury.  Not everyone can afford the training they may want or need.  Trainers such as I, diversify options of training to accommodate as many people as possible.  PT is an expensive expense and I value that very much.  It puts food on my table so that I may be able to feed my family and give them the care that they need.  I see my clients an extension to my family.  Because of how I view my clientele, I ensure that I do my best to hit all 5 of these points.   You must invest in your time to find the right fit ... the right fit will either send you backwards or help propel you to your goals.  

Some clients like a trainer in their face, some like to laugh their way through a session, some want to vent and distress from a long hard day, while others want to lift weights QUIETLY for 60 minutes.  It takes all types.  

There could be subcategories to those probing questions I personally added to the five points.  What do you think?  Is this a valid question?  Do you find yourself asking the same questions?