Don't have much to say on this but ...

Life happens .. things change .. adversity comes .. but realize in the heart what it is what you really want and go after it!! Make things happen .. decisions need to be made and managed to create success in your life ...

Busy is the most sorry excuse for anyone that doesn't have what it takes to get things done! Why am I so direct and unapologetic about it ... because

1.  No one is going to do it for you

2.  People are afraid of the truth

3.  You make time for whats important

Fitness is a part of life not something you should fit in when you feel like you can ... fitness is not about lifting so much weight or being so fast and looking great on stage ... it shouldn't be EGO driven ... FITNESS IS PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE WHERE EXERCISE IS THE BEST NATURAL MEDICINE TO SLOW DOWN AGING AND PREVENT SICKNESS, INJURY, AND DISEASE!

It is about living life to its fullest with no regrets .. you can only do that as long as you have the health to do it!  Too many people are living restricted lifestyles because of the poor choices that were made to get there ... notice I said choices ... you are where you are at because of the choices you made to get there ... no matter the hand you were dealt!!! We have all seen too many times where people have risen above their circumstances and have become inspiration to thousands .....

MY QUESTION TO YOU ... are you will to do what it takes to inspire others!?  Are you willing to do what it takes to really live happy!? Are you willing to put away the excuses and take responsibility for you actions and finally ... commit to being a better human being!!!

I know I am ... are you with me?  #strongertogether