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Remember why you started!!

Don't have much to say on this but ...

Life happens .. things change .. adversity comes .. but realize in the heart what it is what you really want and go after it!! Make things happen .. decisions need to be made and managed to create success in your life ...

Busy is the most sorry excuse for anyone that doesn't have what it takes to get things done! Why am I so direct and unapologetic about it ... because

1.  No one is going to do it for you

2.  People are afraid of the truth

3.  You make time for whats important

Fitness is a part of life not something you should fit in when you feel like you can ... fitness is not about lifting so much weight or being so fast and looking great on stage ... it shouldn't be EGO driven ... FITNESS IS PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE WHERE EXERCISE IS THE BEST NATURAL MEDICINE TO SLOW DOWN AGING AND PREVENT SICKNESS, INJURY, AND DISEASE!

It is about living life to its fullest with no regrets .. you can only do that as long as you have the health to do it!  Too many people are living restricted lifestyles because of the poor choices that were made to get there ... notice I said choices ... you are where you are at because of the choices you made to get there ... no matter the hand you were dealt!!! We have all seen too many times where people have risen above their circumstances and have become inspiration to thousands .....

MY QUESTION TO YOU ... are you will to do what it takes to inspire others!?  Are you willing to do what it takes to really live happy!? Are you willing to put away the excuses and take responsibility for you actions and finally ... commit to being a better human being!!!

I know I am ... are you with me?  #strongertogether 



It takes a family...



This is what's wrong with corporate gyms or gyms for that matter.  It misses the sense of belonging.  You may have a membership but are  you accepted in a community of athletes or clients?  Having a sense of belonging and an emotional attachment to a facility makes all the difference where you decide to spend hours to improve your health.  A small business training center and group of average people will drive you to reep every sweat and tear.  



Winter Blues

We all have it right now!  It's cold ... Snow everywhere ... And the indoors is starting to drive you a little edgy!!! Well why don't we take this opportunity to improve our health ... Not with exercise but FOOD!  If you have a schedule workout and you are stuck at home, take the time to research some new and creative ideas for cooking your meals or find a supplement that you may be lacking that might just help you reach the next level of fitness.  Let's take it a step further and read a journal article posted by a reliable source that explains to you why you eat what you eat and the benefits you will find whenever you  make it a weekly routine.  


What at I am trying to say here is lets take the blues and turn it into gold by taking valuable time and expanding our knowledge of health and fitness.  you are where you now for the knowledge you lack.  The more you know ... The further and better off you will be in all aspects of life.  


Arbonne Independent Consultants   724-464-3593

Arbonne Independent Consultants 


Here is a good read for you ... We are with ARBONNE ... Consultants in the area to bring the purist form of supplementation and also health and beauty products for the whole family!  It doesn't get any better when the "white sheet" gives you a green light!


Many blessings!! 





This is on everyone's bucket list! It's on mine too, but there is a big disconnect on abs. 

First of all everyone has abs. Yes we all do. We usually abdominals are only revealed by someone having a low body fat percentage. This means losing that layer of fat around the midsection. My clients have very funny names for that "blub" that they oh so hate. It's uncomfortable, ruins your wardrobe, stands out when your photo is taken, it jiggles all the time ... whatever it makes you feel, I understand. 

Second point, the gym doesn't give you abs. You can do all the ab workout exercises till kingdom come, but here is the truth ... "Abs are made in the kitchen". You are what you eat is a favorite quote of mine. What you eat and drink on a daily basis will create the stomach you want. It took time to put that belly on, it is going to take time to work it off. Don't get me wrong, ab exercises are very important, but what you are actually doing is creating a beautiful midsection that is worthy of your shirt to be removed when at the beach or poolside. So pretty much you have to eat your way to abs! 

Simple rules: small, lean, clean, and often! Eat small portions, lean protein with every meal, clean from anything artificial or words you can't pronounce, and often enough where you never have that starving feeling (every 2-3hrs). 

Hope this shined a light on the issue. Keep your questions and comments coming.