When thinking of Valentines Day I think of one thing and it is worth sharing.  No not love, or chocolates.  I'm talking about the blood pump.  Yes the muscle that keeps you going and going.  More importantly I want to address inner health.  This is something many people are not familiar with because they prejudge health and overall wellness by external visualization.  I read an article titled 'Added Sugars = Added Risk'.   It states the average American according to the AHA (American Heart Association) consumes on average 22  teaspoons of sugar.  WHAT?!! It's only recommended for males to have no more than 9 and 6 for females.  I SAY NO TO ALL SUGARS but this is insane! 

Take a can of pop or soda ... Your preference ... For instance.  Almost 9 teaspoons in one can already above normal recommendations for the average person but that's not the bad part.  Most people don't stop at 1 can ... And this doesn't take into account all the sugars and artificial sweeteners found in the rest of a persons daily intake of meals, snacks, beverages, toppings, etc.  

Soooo ..... The next time you eat something sweet think about keeping it to a minimum and planned as a treat.  #lifton #omegastrong