Many people ask me why and we see it everywhere, but now I want to ask you why or why not.  I personally run my own affiliate CrossFit Ageless in my personal training center OMEGA Fitness LLC where we also offer Strongman Training on Saturdays called Godstrong Sports.  I have a love for all training styles because I believe they each have something great to offer anyone and everyone.  I find that CrossFit has embodied them all in one ... olympic, powerlifting, gymnastics, functional, conditioning, speed, stamina ... the list goes on but whats even great is how you can the model provided and make it your own to the public and athletes that stop in every day.  What type of fitness fuels you?  What calls you in the middle of the night?  #lifton #omegastrong #crossfit #gymnastics #powerlifting #olympicweightlifting #fitfam