over 150 people in attendance with food, lifting, half time show, and lots of vendors!

over 150 people in attendance with food, lifting, half time show, and lots of vendors!

Pound for Pound Challenge:
Put your strength to the test for charity! Last year was outstanding with enough money to feed, clothe, and house orphans and widows in Kenya. Every penny raised at the event goes directly to this years Mission and Humanitarian Trip to Mwatate, Kenya in June. 

Event 1: Back Squat
Event 2: Shoulder Press
Event 3: Deadlift

Equipment Allowed: Lifters, knee wraps/sleeves, belt, elbow wraps/sleeves, wrist wraps/sleeves.

Divisions: Male, Female, Teen Female (13-17), Teen Male (13-17)

Trophies: 1st Place in each Division and Overall Champion.
Also a gift basket to a raffle that will take place that day and $200 CASH PRIZE TO THE OVERALL WINNER!!!

Food: Pack your own breakfast but will provide drinks and food trucks for lunch. 

Rules: 3 Lift attemps each event! 
Event 1: Back Squat with hip crease at parallel or going below parallel. Gotta get deep in the bucket! Finish with full leg lock out and control at the top.
Event 2: Shoulder Press using either strict, push press, or push jerk (no splits). Full lock out above the head with control.
Event 3: Deadlift using either regular or sumo lift. Finishing with lockout at the top. You may drop the weight at the top! 

Weigh-in: 7am you will register, weigh-in, and have your 3 lifts written on the sheet that you will be attempting. You may change the lifts if need be during the comp just before you lift. 

Price: $65 (includes a shirt if you preregister by May 18th)
Fans: $10
Children under 12: Free + crafts available by Farmhouse Charm!

We are offering lots of space and opportunity for you to setup your business, network, and enjoy a great event for a great cause! We had over 25 vendors last year!!! You provide your table.

-No bigger than 8 feet.

-Limited to 30 small business!

-Cost per table $50 (preregistration required to save your spot).

-Check made out to: Hope for Kenya Inc.

Counts towards your admission to the event. 501(c)(3) so it's a write off to you!!! Thx and spread the word!!